Has your business bought from a cartel?

Companies whose suppliers have been found guilty of price fixing, market sharing, bid rigging or refusing to supply may be entitled to considerable compensation.


However, businesses damaged by cartels are often dissuaded from pursuing potential claims by the complexity of assessing damages and enforcing their claims, possibly facing years in court. In addition, ongoing business relationships with existing suppliers may effectively deter companies from claiming compensation.


CDC is the European pioneer in private enforcement of competition law. Being the first of our kind and profiting from a long experience, we have already achieved a number of significant out-of court settlements and positive judgments in different EU member states and on EU level. We turn potentially onerous claims into valuable assets, taking the burden of economic quantification and subsequent enforcement. We offer a broad range of effective services from a first economic assessment of damages to the full purchase of damage claims. Our solutions are focused on a substantial recovery of damages for businesses that have been adversely affected by cartels.


Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers, economists and IT experts, together with our external partners, ensure that all aspects of individual cases are handled in the most professional and advantageous manner. Companies damaged by cartels just need to provide us with available data and documentation and we take care of the rest.


Contact CDC and profit from the activities of a company that is specialised in the private enforcement of competition law!